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AT&T just overhauled its unlimited plans after only 10 days: Everything you need to know

Good news, ATT subscribers: It didn’t take your carrier of choice very long at all to realize that the new unlimited it launched just 10 days ago was absolutely awful. It was the most expensive unlimited option among all major wireless carriers, and it had the worst caveats, as we detailed in a recent comparison post. For example, while other carriers cap tethering on their unlimited plans, the unlimited plan ATT initially made available to all subscribers didn’t even allow any mobile hotspot usage at all.

ATT clearly recognized how bad its unlimited plans were very quickly, because on Monday it announced completely overhauled plans that are far more competitive with unlimited offerings from other wireless carriers.

The unlimited plan ATT opened up to all customers 10 days ago was the most expensive unlimited offering available, and it also had the biggest caveats. In an attempt to be

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