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FCC: DirecTV Now Plan Appears to Violate Net Neutrality Order

A new report out of the FCC’s Wireless Bureau advises that ATT’s DirecTV Now sponsored data plan appears to violate the Open Internet order per its general conduct standard. But a new, Republican-led FCC, is unlikely to second that opinion.


The Wheeler FCC concluded its long-standing review of zero rating business plans Wednesday (Jan. 11) expressing “no concern with zero-rating per se,” but plenty of concerns with ATT’s sponsored data plan and Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360.


The Wireless Bureau report concluded that: “The limited information we have obtained to date…tends to support a conclusion opposite from ATT’s contentions – namely, that ATT offers Sponsored Data to third party content providers at terms and conditions that are effectively less favorable than those it offers to its affiliate,” and said that “the structure of Verizon Wireless’s FreeBee Data 360 sponsored data program offering may pose concerns for the same reasons as ATT’s Sponsored Data

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