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Two Dead After T-Mobile ‘Ghost Calls’ Flood 911 Center in Texas

Image: Getty

T-Mobile is just the latest mobile carrier to deal with problematic 911 calls, but this time, the problems are bad. Like so bad, people are dying. This month, numerous “ghost calls” from T-Mobile numbers flooded 911 call centers in Texas and have been linked to two deaths. And although the calls originated from T-Mobile devices, people using all carriers were unable to reach 911 dispatchers during the incidents. Scarier still, nobody knows what’s causing them.


The details behind the two deaths, both of which happened in Dallas, read like a true horror story. Last week, David Taffet noticed that his napping husband, David Cross, had stopped snoring and frantically called 911 from his Cricket Wireless device. He was immediately disconnected and was unable

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