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Unbundling AT&T Accounts Leads to Extra Charges

An Oceanside resident was trying to lower her monthly phone, TV and internet bills but after taking the advice of her carrier, her bills increased. 

Cynthia Harmer was trying to lower her monthly ATT bill when she called ATT representatives. 

“It just seems like the people that you reach [on the phone] have been given a script to just make you go away,” Harmer said. 

Harmer paid $153.90 for her phone, internet and DirecTV services, all bundled together. 

She said the ATT representatives suggested a plan to save her money that would include unbundling all of her services. 

That’s when Harmer said she ran into trouble. 

“So when I paid the final bill, they did not pay DirecTV,” she said. 

Up until then, Harmer said her ATT bill included $112 for her DirecTV service but after unbundling her accounts, the satellite company hadn’t received Harmer’s payment. Harmer said ATT

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