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AT&T announces new DirecTV Now promo with free HBO for a year or $5 off per month

ATT today announced a pair of new promotions for existing DirecTV Now subscribers. Starting this month, subscribers will receive either a $5 off credit for 6 months or free HBO for 12 months. The company made the announcement on its Community Forums website this afternoon.

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Here’s it works: If you subscribe to DirecTV Now’s “Go Big” or “Gotta Have It” plans, you will receive free HBO for 12 months. If you already pay for HBO, however, the $5 per month charge will automatically be credited at the end of each payment period.

You’re getting HBO included with your existing service for one full year starting at the end of your prepayment period. You literally don’t need to do a single thing other than enjoy all of HBO with unlimited access to the most entertaining movies, addictive

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