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T-Mobile Just Picked Up the 600MHz “Spectrum Mother Lode” to Bring Their Network Everywhere

tmobile coverage map

T-Mobile just made its largest investment ever by spending nearly $8 billion(!) to acquire 45% of the FCC’s available 600MHz low-band spectrum that was up for auction. This is the type of spectrum that penetrates buildings better and also reaches further from a tower, which in turn gives wireless customers a better overall experience no matter where they are. This is a huge day for T-Mobile customers and those in markets that have questioned whether or not T-Mobile could keep up with Verizon and ATT. 

See that map at the top of this post? That’s what T-Mobile says their LTE network will look like by the end of 2017. They’ll do that with this new spectrum purchase and by moving into new LTE markets. For those of you in areas that T-Mobile isn’t even offered, you should probably get ready

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