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Sonic CEO talks expansion, broadband policy

Dane Jasper may run a broadband provider, but he wants you to know that his company is on your side.

Jasper is the co-founder of Sonic, the Santa Rosa-based company that’s tried to establish itself as the consumer-friendlier local alternative to Comcast and ATT. Sonic promises to protect its own customers’ privacy. And Jasper publicly supported the Federal Communications Commission’s controversial moves to re-regulate internet access and put in place strong net neutrality and broadband privacy rules, the latter of which Congress recently overturned.

Sonic’s policies and positions have drawn plaudits. Consumer Reports ranked it as the second-best broadband provider in the country, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation gave it a five-star rating for protecting privacy. Its reputation has helped Sonic not only be one of the few remaining internet providers to have survived since the dial-up era, but to position itself for the future as it

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