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Why AT&T Could Offer Retirees Sustainable Income

Though there are other contenders for the title, ATT (NYSE:T) may be the best dividend stock on the market today. The telecom giant offers a rare and powerful mix of current yield, long-term dividend growth, and an increasingly strong competitive position within its core markets.

Let’s explore what makes ATT a great pick for retirees seeking continuous income.

An income powerhouse with few rivals

Just examining ATT’s dividend stats makes quite the impression.

For starters, ATT stock currently yields 5% — which is more than double the current 1.9% yield of the SP 500 — better still, the company’s actual average yield over the past five years is a slightly higher 5.1%. ATT has increased its dividends per share annually for the past 32 years, earning it the vaunted title of dividend aristocrat. It has already increased its quarterly dividend by 2% from $0.48 to $0.49 at the beginning of the year. 


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