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Cubs Talk Podcast: State of Cubs-Cardinals rivalry and what lies ahead

Cubs manager Joe Maddon finished the sentence before the reporter could get out the entire question: When something like this happens with a player like Willson Contreras, can that have…

“A galvanizing effect,” Maddon said during Wednesday’s postgame media briefing at ATT Park, where he had a glass of Big Smooth red wine waiting after a potentially devastating loss to the San Francisco Giants. “Absolutely.”

Uh, or maybe go the other way? It spoke to Maddon’s glass-half-full optimism and savvy way of playing offense with the media. It also sounded a little out of touch in the middle of a season where his perceptions haven’t necessarily matched the realities of a disappointing team.  

“I think something like this – for as bad as it seems on the surface – actually could galvanize the group,” Maddon said. “They know that he’s not here right now. They know how important he’s been to us.

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