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Meet Time Warner’s New Boss: A Hollywood Outsider With a Grand …

“Investment in content is going to increase,” says John Stankey in his first interview since being named to oversee HBO, Warner Bros. and CNN as he reveals ATT’s post-merger synergy strategy, Peter Chernin’s potential role and the top priority for making a mark in showbiz: “We’re going to have to earn our way in.”


Not so long ago, John Stankey could hardly answer when asked to name a TV show or movie that he liked. But the 54-year-old head of ATT’s entertainment group — who will run Time Warner, assuming ATT’s $85.4 billion acquisition wins federal approval, as expected — says it became clear to him in the past year or two that he had to buckle down and watch some entertainment.

“I realized I had to spend more time getting exposed to what’s out there,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter in his first interview since he was tapped July 28

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