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OpenSignal Mobile Networks Report is Out and T-Mobile Cleaned House

You are probably going to hear a lot from T-Mobile today, thanks to good news out of the latest OpenSignal “State of the Mobile Networks” report for August 2017. The Uncarrier managed to sweep the awards that are handed out for categories like download speed over 4G, 4G latency, and 4G availability. The report talks a lot about T-Mobile’s growth, but also the slowdown that Verizon and ATT have seen since launching unlimited plans in recent months.

OpenSignal’s report measured over 5 billion data points from 170K+ devices (OpenSignal users) from the end of March to the end of June. They took all of that data to measure some of those items I mentioned above, but also broke it down to the city level, aka the 32 largest US markets to see how carriers faired there as well. Again, T-Mobile pretty much cleaned house in those areas as well.

Surprised? Let’s look

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