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Off Cast: Pig Semen, AT&T sucks, PS4 and XBOX fanboys in typing war!

General shoot conversation. We speak of that precious pigs semen, how badly ATT sucks, PS4 and XBOX fanboy mud slinging, MLG gaming…., and various random tidbits. … read more at:

at&t Sucks

Was on phone from 7.30 Pm to 10.24 Pm on Tuesday 10/08, My att liberate MiFi Card is Wortless. 62 picture took 16 minutes to up load in Worcester Massachusettes and it timed out 4 times, and they don’t whant to cancel my account, daaa … read more at:


Just a little thing isn’t it? Take Care Of Your Golden Goose. Oh, I was in the store for 20 minutes. I was never acknowledged nor the other three people waiting for the one rep’s time. And if the other three would have as much time as this couple was having, I would be there […]


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At&t Sucks can’t make calls can’t hear speakerphone is on.

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At&t internet sucks

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ATT U-VERSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 for AT&T and Why It Sucks!

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4, switching from my iPhone 5, and I had to give it the All star review. If my title doesnt say it enough, here i am saying it, It sucks! … read more at:

AT&T’s Network Sucks

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