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AT&T and Justice close to settlement on Dodgers case, but DirecTV still won’t pick up SportsNet LA

AT&T just overhauled its unlimited plans after only 10 days: Everything you need to know

Good news, ATT subscribers: It didn’t take your carrier of choice very long at all to realize that the new unlimited it launched just 10 days ago was absolutely awful. It was the most expensive unlimited option among all major wireless carriers, and it had the worst caveats, as we detailed in a recent comparison post. For example, while other carriers cap tethering on their unlimited plans, the unlimited plan ATT initially made available to all subscribers didn’t even allow any mobile hotspot usage at all.

ATT clearly recognized how bad its unlimited plans were very quickly, because on Monday it announced completely overhauled plans that are far more competitive with unlimited offerings from other wireless carriers.

The unlimited plan ATT opened up to all customers 10 days ago was the most expensive unlimited offering available, and it also had the biggest caveats. In an attempt to be

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DirecTV admits it was wrong about regional sports fees and will …

Tom Herman is planning to play in the AT&T Byron Nelson pro-am — as the ‘Charles Barkley’ of Texas’ pro-am group

AUSTIN — The ATT Byron Nelson begins on Thursday, May 18, but Longhorn football fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area might want to circle the date of May 17.

That is the day of the annual Wednesday Gold Pro-Am at the TPC Four Seasons at Las Colinas. Texas football coach Tom Herman said he plans to play in the University of Texas athletic department’s pro-am group, as Mack Brown did for many years.

Just don’t expect any spectacular shot-making from 41-year-old Herman. Herman said he was asked to provide his handicap for the pro-am.

Herman’s answer: “Whatever the highest is, that’s what I am.”

I told Herman that the Nelson Gold Pro-Am traditionally draws large galleries.

“I’m good,” Herman said. “I’ll be the Charles Barkley of the group. I’ll be there for comedic value.”

Herman was at Austin’s Van Zandt Hotel for Monday night’s draw for the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play tournament, which begins Wednesday at

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AT&T Introduces an Awful New “Unlimited” Prepaid Phone Plan

Photo by Mike Mozart.

ATT introduced a new unlimited option for its contract-free GoPhone prepaid plan today. For $65/month ($60/month if you sign up for AutoPay), you get access to a slow internet with crappy video quality.


With the new plan, GoPhone Unlimited customers get unlimited talk, text, and data. But that data is capped at a max speed of 3Mbps, which is less than half the speed of ATT’s average LTE speed of 7.93Mbps. That speed is cut even more if you want to watch a video. Videos are not only limited to a 480p resolution, but will also max out download speeds at 1.5Mbps. Even the “unlimited” banner is a bit of a misnomer since ATT will temporarily slow your already slow

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What Really Caused Steve Bannon to Become an "Economic Nationalist"?

Over at the Wall Street Journal today, Michael Bender has a rare profile of Steve Bannon, focusing on how he became a sworn foe of globalization. It’s all because his father, Marty, lost his retirement savings when he sold his cherished ATT stock at a loss during the 2008 financial crisis:

On Oct. 7, 2008, in the cramped TV room of his modest home here, Marty Bannon watched with alarm as plunging stock markets dragged down his shares of ATT, the nest egg he built during a 50-year career at the company….As he toggled between TV stations, financial analysts warned of economic collapse and politicians in Washington seemed to mirror his own confusion. So he did the unthinkable. He sold.

Marty Bannon, now 95 years old, still regrets the decision and seethes over

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Regulatory Microscope Lies Ahead for AT&T and Time Warner

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How Does AT&T Inc. (T) Stack Up Right Now? | StockNewsJournal

ATT Inc. (T) is an interesting player in the Technology space, with a focus on Telecom Services – Domestic. The stock has been active on the tape, currently trading at $42.61, up from yesterday’s close by 0.40%. Given the stock’s recent action, it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at the company’s recent data.

Fundamental Analysis

No amount of research is complete without a bird’s eye view of the financial data. ATT Inc. (T) currently trades with a market capitalization of $261.69 Billion. That value represents a market adjusting for revenues that have been falling by -0.66 % on a quarterly year/year basis as of the company’s last quarterly report.

The balance sheet health of any company plays a key role in its ability to meet its obligations and maintain the faith of its investment base. For T, the company currently has $5.79 Billion of cash on the books,

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AT&T gooses DirecTV Now sign-ups with a year of free HBO

Looking to soon own HBO outright, ATT is already leveraging the premium network in a very aggressive way, offering customers who sign up for the higher tiers of its virtual MVPD service a free year of the network.

Those who sign up for the 100-plus-channel “Go Big” tier and the 120-plus-channel “Gotta Have It Package” are eligible for the promotion. Those who pre-pay three months in advance on any of the four DirecTV Now tiers still get a free Apple TV through March 30. 

RELATED: HBO for $5 a month? ATT’s DirecTV Now offerings ‘aren’t going to make any money

Certainly, the v-MVPD market is much more competitive than it even was on Nov. 30, when ATT launched its service. Since that time, Dish Network’s Sling TV has established coveted cloud DVR capability, and another v-MVPD, YouTube TV has entered the fray. Meanwhile, it was just reported today that Hulu has added

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‘Fake news’ fails to elevate just plain lies

Each year, a panel of self-appointed experts at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie puts together a list of words they believe should be banned.

The list includes words and phrases that, through overuse or misuse, lose their punch or, through repetition, simply grate on the listener’s ear.

I have a nominee for the next list: Fake news.

Everybody says it. Everybody thinks they know what it means. Mostly it’s used to identify writing that appears somewhere on the Internet that somebody with nothing better to do decided to post.

Facts don’t matter. In fact, the fewer facts, the better. My mind is made up; don’t confuse me with facts. Often, these tidbits are the living definition of “truthiness,” the term coined by comic Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’ “The Late Show” when he ruled the Comedy Central network at “The

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